Aaron Jean

Before & After - Signature Headshot - Stefanie

Meet Stefanie!


Stefanie is obviously beautiful, so this isn’t some wild, unbelievable TV transformation, but this is real life!  Stefanie is a real mom, who after several years of staying home with her child, is looking to get back into the workplace.  She is applying for remote positions so she knows how important her linkedIn, Facebook and avatar photos are when people spend the majority of their time looking at a photo of you, instead of being face to face.  It’s important her to demonstrate her confidence and professionalism,  but she doesn’t want to seem too “stuffy”…no problem, we got this!


I teamed up with with Edith Chan who is an amazing stylist with experience in fashion and beauty, but she has a passion for helping regular people look exceptional!  Edith met with Stefanie online to select pieces from her wardrobe that would compliment her body shape and skin color.  Stefanie opted for a hair trim and airbrush makeup options so when she arrived at the studio, we go straight to work!



 Incredible right!?!   A typical traditional headshot is color and a little more static, but Stefanie wanted something dynamic and wanted some in black and white… and she rocked it!   For information about how we can transform your image visit my work with me page!

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