Aaron Jean

What is a Signature Portrait Session?

My creative Signature Portraits are some of my most important and inspiring work to create.  I work to make each session unique and my goal is to make it very personal so that the images will remain timeless and celebrate who you are.  Once we reserve a session I will ask you for your inspirations and to tell me about why you are looking to make a portrait.  I take that information and I will start to develop mood boards and inspiration for the shoot that I will share with you along the way.  So when we arrive on the day of the session we are ready to create something amazing!

Here are some examples of my recent creative portrait sessions:

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Here is what my previous portrait sessions have said about our sessions:

“We had an amazing and creative brainstorming session and on the day of the shoot, everything went perfectly. He had lots of creative ideas and with his great photography skills, he was able to bring every idea to life! He also made everyone feel comfortable in his studio. ”  - Jiji

“What stands out about Aaron is how easy he makes you feel in the studio. I’m no model and don’t feel all that comfortable being in front of the camera. Aaron made me feel comfortable and this is what sets him apart. The two hours we spent in the studio flew by and he had me laughing from beginning to end. I was surprised when our time was up!” - Anibal

“I worked with Aaron a few months ago and can say that it was a complete pleasure. He was extremely professional throughout the whole shoot and the quality of his work is exemplary. The photos were sent to me very quickly and was very happy with the editing. Would 100% recommend Aaron to anyone looking for not only beautiful professional photos but a professional photographer!”  - Charlotte

“I was lucky enough to get to work with Aaron at the beginning of this year and it was such an enjoyable experience. He had the prefect balance between professionalism and also making you feel really comfortable and confident which is always important when in front of the camera. I’m so delighted with the images we captured, they are truly stunning!” - Natalie

“This man is a legend! He has that ability to make you relax within seconds!! My recent shoot (March 26 2019) with Aaron at his studio in Madrid (travelled from London especially to do the shoot) was amazing! Brilliant man! Excellent photographer! Top class photographs! Serious stuff but s lot of laughs too! I’m very very happy!! Well worth the trip over to Madrid! Already in negotiations for the next shoot!
100% recommended!!”  - Phil

“I tend to get nervous when standing in front of a camera, Aaron, however, was able to make me feel relaxed with his friendly and calm personality. And the photos came out great! Aaron is a true professional, I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you for the amazing photos!” - Pinja

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