Photography Equipment For Sale

Photography Equipment For Sale

From time to time, my equipment needs change and some items I only used for a specific project.  So here are some gently used items that I am selling:

1 - Godox AD600BM 600W Flash with Extenstion Head, Bag, and Nikon Trigger. It's lightly used with the protective sticker still on the screen.  This is a great flash for indoor and outdoor.  The extension head allows you to used the base as a sandbag to keep your stand steady and get the flash very high - 465€

godox ad600bm flash for sale

2 - iLooker Editing Hood for a 27" iMac (all years) - 25€

3 - 2x Neewer (Godox) SL60W continuous lights - again only used for maybe 10 hours in total. I have the cords and remote controls and maybe the original boxes (still looking). Great for youtube and talking head videos. 210€ (pair)

4 - For Fuji XT-3 lovers I have a custom wooden grip - 45€

5 - Apple Magic Trackpad and Keyboard - 120€ (pair)

6 - LaCie Rugged 5TB portable USB-C / Thunderbolt (v1) HDD - 100€

7 - Lacie Rugged 2TB Portable USB 2.0 - 65€

Apple Watch Series 3 - Aluminum 45mm Midnight - 100€

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