Individual Sessions

Personal Portrait Options:

Portraits Are A Unique Expression Of Your Personality And Are Customized To Your Needs: Creative, Professional, Model/Actor, Branding.

Use the ideas from this page to decide what type of portrait is best for you?

Is this for professional purposes? Then there may be best for you:


Ideal for LInkedIn, Facebook, CVs, -  These images are head and shoulders only for a reason.  They prioritize connection and likeability in a limited space like a profile photo or CV where you are very limited with the time and space to connect with someone through your photo.  Every inch counts and I am a trained expression coach and headshot photographer so I will help you maximize the opportunity.

Actor / Model Book

Ideal for Models and Actors - These images prioritize a larger story, expressions, energy movement and special attributes or advantages that will put you ahead of other professionals.  Unlike the headshots, the books are designed when an agent or director will spend more time looking at expression, body, movement, etc... so the goal here is range and uniqueness without coming across like you're trying too hard, unique and effortless is our goal!

Professional Portrait

Ideal for brands, coaches, business leaders who need photos for presentations, website and other types of media - These images convey you with the skills and talents that make you successful.  We work to capture and images that will speak 1,000 words before you enter a room, boardroom or auditorium. Unlike a Headshot, these images can be Full Body, Quarter Length or Chest Up and they can be created in a studio or more situational in your environment.  

Custom Creative  Portrait Session

Book Covers, Album Covers, Website Sales, Coaching Program Launch, Podcast Covers - There are artist sessions for a specific commercial project


Is this for fun?  Are you looking to create a unique set of images for your website, social media or special occasion or are you looking to create an imaginative and original work of art?  These are for you:

Personal Portrait Session: 

This is not your old dusty portrait that you remember from your childhood. Portraiture is my passion, and it's becoming a bit of a lost art in the age of selfies & snapshots. We are surrounded by photos of ourselves, but how many of them tell the story of you? In my signature session, we take time to craft images that you'll love and that your friends and family will cherish for many years. In my signature style, we will explore different looks and techniques to make each session uniquely you! We will explore both color and black and white.

Fine Art Creative Portrait Session

This is like a personal portrait session with even more imagination and craft.  We will design a custom photo session for you and we will explore costumes, makeup, lighting effects that celebrate you and the craft of dramatic portraiture.The final product will include the opportunity to purchase a custom framed  print from our session 

Is this a mix of both? Lets talk! It's easy to combine multiple looks to get a range of images that you will love!