Signature Headshots

A Headshot to me is something quite specific.  I have spent years studying and developing skills and techniques to make the best headshots, because, your headshot will be the first thing that your clients, future employers, or customers will see! 

Headshot - Ideal for LinkedIn, Facebook, CVs, -  These images are head and shoulders only for a reason.  They prioritize connection and likeability in a limited space like a profile photo or CV where you are very limited with the time and space to connect with someone through your photo.  Every inch counts and I am a trained expression coach and headshot photographer so I will help you maximize the opportunity.

If Headshots aren't the right image for you,  consider a professional portrait. 

Professional Portrait - Ideal for brands, coaches, business leaders who need photos for presentations, websites, and other types of media - These images convey the skills and talents that make you successful.  We work to capture images that will speak 1,000 words before you enter a room, boardroom, or auditorium. Unlike a Headshot, these images can be Full Body, Quarter Length, or Chest Up and they can be created in a studio or more situational in your environment.  

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