Aaron Jean

    “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
    — Aaron Siskind


Studio Portrait Session -  Individuals or Couples

Time and again, my clients walk in the door feeling like they never "look good in pictures," yet leave excited in anticipation for their finished proofs, ultimately coming to love the end results. Your portrait is an essential part of your life journey carrying greater meaning and personal value than a vacation snap or selfie. A portrait showcases uniqueness, empowering you and providing memories to family and friends. Meaningful times in life are so much fun to share, reflect on as we grow older, and pass down to loved ones as heirlooms.

A typical portrait session is about 2 hours and includes 60 proofs and 25 final, edited, full resolution images. There is usually enough time for 1-2 outfits. 225€

If you would like additional images or additional looks (outfits), you can add up to two extra looks with an additional 15 final images (40 ttl) for 275€ total

My Signature Portrait Session

This is not your old dusty portrait that you remember from your childhood.  Portraiture is my passion and it's becoming a bit of a lost art in the age of selfies & snapshots.  We are surrounded by photos of ourselves, but how many of them tell the story of you?  In my signature session, we take time to craft images that you'll love and that your friends and family will cherish for many years.  In my signature style we will explore different looks and styles to make each session uniquely you!  We will explore both color and black and white. 

This Session Includes:

*Pre Session Consulation with me to discuss and design your session together

*30 Minute Style Consultation with a professional stylist who will guide you in selecting the right colors and styles to compliment your session

*Professional Hair & Makeup in studio before your session 

*A drink while you prepare for your session

*3-4 Looks, 70 proofs, 45 final images

*A Signature Black & White Portrait with an 8x10 print

*Starting at only 400€ Women / 350€ Men

You can add a professional headshot session to this pacakge for only 75€ with a professional look and 3 final retouched images to use for your professional online needs.

If you would like additional final edited images, they can be added for 10€ per image or 10 additional images for 70€.


Headshots - Professional, Social Media 

& Dating Websites

Every meeting, interview or date starts with a quick google search.  What does your profile image say about you?  A good headshot will be working for you around the clock.  It's time to update your LinkedIn or Facebook profile to a professional image to showcase your professional talent to your clients, coworkers or potential employers and update your social media and dating websites with modern, original high quality photos.  I've studied with my mentor, Peter Hurley, the #1 headshot photographer in the world to learn how to get the best hedshots to my clients!


  • Express: 1 Look, 10 proofs / 3 final edited images - 125€
  • Corporate: 2 Looks, 20 proofs / 5 final images - 175€
  • Executive: 2-3 Looks, 30 proofs / 10 images - 225€

Styling, hair and makeup are available.  Please ask about them when you reserve your session.

Signature Full Service Headshot 

My signature full service headshot is a relaxing, fun session where you get pampered, styled and photographed at your best.  The pre-shoot consultation will not only have you looking your best for the shoot, but we will give you style and makoever tips that will work in your day to day life!  This special shoot includes a signature black and white portrait in addition to your headshots. This investment in your online image will propel your image and self esteem beyond the bounds of the frame! 

Session Includes:

  • 30 Minute Style Consultation with a professional stylist
  • Professional Hair & Makeup in studio before your session 
  • A drink while you prepare for your session
  • 3-4 Looks, 60 proofs, 15 final images
  • Includes a before & after shot
  • A Signature Black & White Portrait with an 8x10 print
  • Starting at only 400€ Women, 350€ Men 

Visit Stefanie's story for before and after examples of a full service headshot session.

If you would like additional final edited images, they can be added for 10€ per image or 10 additional images for 70€.


Engagement | Destination Wedding | Anniversary | Honeymoon

Are you getting engaged or planning a destination wedding or baby moon?  Work with me on a package to capture your unique personalities in a beautiful and creative way that expresses your unique relationship.

Photo packages start at 250€. Destinations outside of central Madrid will require an additional charge depending on the locations.  Half day and full day packages are available,  Contact me for prices, available dates and deposit details. 

Wedding and honeymoon contact me directly for specific pricing.  My rates are similiar to above but change depending on time, locations and equipment needed.  

I would be honored to guide you through the most iconic photo locations in my adopted home.  I love Madrid and I enjoy showing others this beautiful city.


I've had over 15 years experience telling stories with images and words.  I am available worldwide based in Madrid, Spain.

Tutorials, Workshops & Camera Basics

Camera 101 - I will teach you how to use your camera and improve your photography skills in a hands-on tutorial. From technical advice to techniques, I will get you up and running and give you more confidence by helping you get the most out of your camera and gear!

Advanced Camera Techniques - Always wanted to feel confident about operating your camera on manual? Let me work with you one-on-one or in a small group to learn why you're much smarter than your camera! We will walk through exposure, focus and shutter speeds so you can get exactly the photo you were imagining! (This is not a beginner class, but it can be paired with the beginner class)

Getting Started With A Mirrorless Camera - Are you moving from a DSLR to Mirrorless or from a phone to your first camera? I can help you throughout the learning process with your new camera.

Product Research - If you are looking to add a new lens or camera body to your system: before you invest in new gear, let me help you run through a checklist of considerations and potentially save you from making the same mistakes as I have over the years.  I am thoroughly meticulous so let me save you the time.



Lets craft an image that celebrates your product or service as you envisioned!

Specializing in Product Photography, Architecture / Work Space  and Branding Sessions for entrepreneurs.  

Product Photography

You spend countless hours, days and weekscrafting them to perfection.

Why let all such work and effort go unnoticed if the photo isn't as well-crafted as your product?  With current camera technology, anyone can snap a picture, but our services help you craft an image that drives sales and celebrates your product or service precisely as you intended.

Great images drive your business forward. Stand out on social media platforms like Instagram and make content that sells. 


Pricing can vary, depending on the product size, technical needs, timing, etc... A typical single product shoot with 4-6 high resolution images in my studio is 125 euros

Our promise is to deliver images that meet your expectations, tell your story, aid in driving sales and engagement.

Email me for a quick quote

Architecture & Workspace

Experiences sell, but customers make the choice to come to your business or property on your website, before they even know your address.  

We can craft images that elicit the emotion and experience of your business or property from first glance. Attract clientele by capturing form, light, and styling from the best angles of your space. 

If you're ready to capture the essence of your space in a way that moves people from the internet to your doors, we're ready to start.


Pricing can vary, depending on the workspace, technical needs, timing, etc... A typical single room shoot with 4-6 high resolution images is 175 euros

Our promise is to deliver images that meet your expectations, tell your story, and drive sales and engagement.

Email me for a quick quote. 

Branding for Entrepreneurs

Small business owners, digital nomads, bloggers, and entrepreneurs understand  the importance of standing out online.  

As a small business owner myself,  I know that you need captivating photos and images that champion your personality and uniqueness. Give your community a piece of your story, not stock images.  Your copywriting or messaging is always being perfected. Likewise, make sure your images back up your badass, authentic voice.

From behind-the-scenes shots in bringing your community along for the ride, to stylized, professional shots or fun shoots for an upcoming campaign or rebranding, drive your business and community forward, stand out on platforms and make your unique content count.


Every quote is unique based on your needs.  To give you an idea Location based photoshoots start at 150 Euros / Studio Based 125 Euros with 25-30 proofs and you can select 7 edited full size images.

If you have products or want to add any personal lifestyle shots to your appointment, I can create a custom package for your.  If we work well together adn you need ongoing content I can work with you on an ongoing basis  with a monthly package. If you're interested, lets discuss packages that can save me time and save you money.)

Contact Me


How do I calculate my pricing?

I know researching photography services and prices can feel frustrating and overwhelming at times, I get it.  I have done the same thing as you for my wedding, anniversary and family portraits...and it can be scary and tiring.  

I want to make things as simple as I can for you.  Do you have a budget already in place?  Email me and I will let you know what I can do within your budget.  I put general pricing here for you to understand my starting point and if that sounds good and you like my images and style, then we are a match!  Let's go shoot!

However, I understand each person is different and what each person wants can vary. So I can work to provide you the most value, while financially supporting my passion for photography and my family.

Why does it cost so much for a 1 hour photo shoot?

I asked my wedding photographer a version of this question and I really appreciated his honesty with me, so I will do the same for my clients as well.

For each photo shoot, please understand that I maintain my professional mirrorless camera system with backups (2 camera bodies, 6 lenses, 4 memory cards, spare batteries), studio lights, light stands and photo equipment so that the moment you are ready, we can get to work.  For each photo session, I take time planning the shoot in advance, work on ideas to capture you in the most authentic way possible and set up the studio so that we can shoot when you arrive.  

After the shoot I duplicate all of your images so that they are saved in multiple backup drive locations for security, then I review the images from our session selecting the best shots for your review, I clean them up, process some to BW or enhance the colors,  convert them to jpeg and upload them to my website for you to view and select your favorites.  This process can take 1-2 minutes per image.  So, if we shoot 150 images, that can be 1.5 to 2 hours of work.  Once you select the images I will spend an additional 10 minutes per image working on the  final details, correcting any small blemishes, etc... and them upload the finals for you to download and share.  So a one hour photo shoot can easily take up to 4-5 hours to prepare and complete.  

Can you just give me all of the unedited photos?

I shoot in RAW file format so the initial files are not the way that you would see them on your iPhone or camera shooting JPEG.  The images are made to be edited so giving you those files isn't really a good option for either of us.  Additionally, I take a lot of pride in working with you the day of the shoot AND working after you've left to craft an image that you will recognize as more than just your picture, but that you will see something in the portrait that gives you a feeling that this is truly you.  That process happens at the moment of the photo and I refine those details in my post processing technique.   

Do you photoshop me or change how I look in post processing?

For a normal non stylized shoot, my general rule is that I only retouch light and anything that won't be there in a month. That pimple that came out the morning of the shoot, no problem, it's out of here.  A wrinkle, dimple, mole, though I prefer not to retouch in excess. My reasoning is simple. I believe that each person is inherently beautiful and has something to tell the camera. We are not all the same and while that scar or that mole may not be your favorite aspect to show, there are people in our lives who love that imperfection. To do an honest and meaningful portrait without your imperfections would mean missing out on something beautiful and unique. And if you’re perfect, well… that's not very interesting to me.

All that being said, I can work the light and the camera to show you not only what you see, but what I see as well, and I think you will love what we create together!

If you want a more stylized or fashion type portrait we can discuss ahead of time what the artistic expression demands. 

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