Aaron Jean

Beginner Level:

Camera 101 - I will teach you how to use your camera and improve your photography skills in a hands-on tutorial. From technical advice to techniques, I will get you up and running and give you more confidence by helping you get the most out of your camera and gear!

Getting Started With A Mirrorless Camera - Are you moving from a DSLR to Mirrorless or from a phone to your first camera? I can help you throughout the learning process with your new camera.

Advanced Camera Techniques 

Do you want to feel confident about operating your camera on manual? Let me work with you one-on-one or in a small group to show you why you're much smarter than your camera! 

We will walk through exposure, focus and shutter speeds so you can get exactly the photo you were imagining! (This is not a beginner class, but it can be paired with the beginner class)

Studio Lighting 101 Workshop

Learn the basics of studio lighting and flash photography. For years I resisted shooting with flash thinking it was too complicated, now I prefer it over natural light. I can help take the fear out of flash photography!

We will cover gear, properties of light, how modifiers affect light, and we will shoot portraits together to practice what we learn. The best way to learn is to do!  

My goal is to help you have the confidence to shoot flash and strobe on your own by the time we are finished!

Studio Portrait Workshop

You can pair this with the Studio Lighting 101 workshop, or if you feel comfortable with flash, we will work on different lighting techniques, and we will shoot a session together working on model selection, model direction, styling and managing the session. 

 We can also discuss post-processing techniques to create the final look.

My goal is that you have the confidence and tools to have a great photographic session and to walk away with images for your portfolio.

Ready To Book Your Workshop or Tutorial Today? 

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