5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Headshot

5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Headshot

1 - It doesn't look like you anymore...

I completely understand the urge to keep an old photo that you love, but it's doing you a disservice when people expect to see someone else from your photo. It's jarring and doesn't promote trust or professionalism.  It can actually do more harm than you think and can highlight rather than hide an insecurity.

2 - It's from your vacation or a party

I get it, you want to be fun and show your personality, but there are ways to do that with studio lighting, and in a more professional way.  Having a studio headshot doesn't have to be stuffy or "too professional”.  It can still be you!  In fact those are my favorite photos to create!

3 - It's more than 4-5 years old

Depending on your profession and your age, you can stretch this a little bit, but as a rule, we all change quickly and having new photos makes you look professional and demonstrates your confidence and professionalism.

Plus, you deserve all of your friends on LinkedIn telling you how good you look in your new photo at least twice a decade.

4 - You Received or Want To Receive A Promotion

Managing your perception with your boss, coworkers, and clients is important, especially in the early and middle stages of your career. Growing into new responsibilities and greater professional success is just as much a matter of perception as it is hard work. Don't short change yourself with a mediocre profile image. People notice when you care.

5 - You procrastinate when people ask for your photo

I have so many clients that tell me one of the greatest benefits is having a great Headshot they are proud of so that when they are asked to share, they don't procrastinate. They don't feel bad. They’re actually excited to hit send and share it.  Peace of mind is a good feeling!!

I have had multilpe clients who booked a photoshoot as they were growing their business and career, when 2 years after our photoshoot they were featured in Forbes and one on a bilboard in Times Square...they didn't have to panic and get a photo taken, they already had photos ready to go!  Again, you can't put a price on having that peace if mind and knowing your ready when you shot comes!

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