“The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled. Each evening we see the sun set.  We know that the earth is turning away from it. Yet the knowledge, the explanation, never quite fits the sight.” 

― John Berger

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Aaron is an American Commercial / Editorial and Portrait photographer currently based in Madrid, Spain with his family.

He is known for his creative yet personal approach and his ability to quickly put his subjects at ease to get unique, natural expressions and interesting perspectives.

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Aaron is an American Commercial / Editorial and Portrait photographer currently living in Madrid, Spain, with his family. While people are his primary subject, he is obsessed with light and shadows. He can often be found chasing little arrangements in light and shadow that happen all around us. When he is not in his home studio, you’ll likely find him shooting street photography, writing or traveling.

His love for portraiture in grounded in his need to give back and his driving interest in our human condition and what makes each person unique and beautiful. After a long career in Fundraising and Non-Profit Leadership, working with Pediatric Cancer Patients, WorldWide Humanitarian Organizations and At Risk Youth, the people he met and the stories that filled him up called him to a more personal expression of creativity.  At that point, he turned full time to photography and telling human stories with light and expression. 

Originally from Oklahoma, he was raised in Houston, TX. Although, you wouldn’t be able to tell that from his accent. After graduating from University with a double degree in Psychology and Literature, he lived in Bourges, France; Boston, MA; and Odawara, Japan, before returning to Houston, where he accidentally fell in love, got 2 dogs, bought a house and had a son. His love of travel eventually led him to sell everything and move to Madrid in the Fall of 2017, where he currently resides with his wife and son.


Aaron es un fotógrafo estadounidense de retratos y editoriales / comerciales que vive en Madrid, España, con su familia. Si bien los retratos y headshots son su negocio principal, está obsesionado con las luces y las sombras y, a menudo, se lo puede encontrar persiguiendo pequeños arreglos a la luz y las sombras que suceden a nuestro alrededor. Cuando no está en el estudio de su casa, es probable que lo encuentre tomando fotografías de la calle, escribiendo o viajando.

Originario de Oklahoma, se crió en Houston, TX. Después de la universidad, vivió en Bourges, Francia y Odawara, Japón, antes de regresar a Houston, donde conoció a su esposa. Su amor por los viajes finalmente lo llevó a Madrid en el otoño de 2017 con su esposa e hijo.

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I have a spacious, fully equipped home studio near Gran Via in the beautiful center of Madrid. I have everything we will need from multiple backgrounds, both flash and constant lighting for stills and motion, on site Makeup Artist and everything you you need to feel relaxed while we create amazing images together.

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"Without Context" - 2019-2020 - Madrid Spain


First Place BW - Portrait Live 2020 Portrait Awards


Medium Format Magazine - May 2020

Book Cover: Mamen Monsoriu @mamenmonsoriu republication of her popular book of poems “100 Disparos”. 


Cleverish Magazine

Known for his distinct black and white aesthetic and unique play with shadows and colors, Aaron regularly transforms the people he photographs into art. With a just-released photography zine, a robust portfolio, long list of clients and a recent exhibition Without Context (Sin Contexto)  in Madrid Spain, Aaron’s talent like his is bound to shake up the photography scene. And that’s precisely what he’s doing. In this interview, he talks about how he finds beauty in imperfections, his dislike for “nice” photos and how he found the courage to stick with his true aestetic. We also talk about what he hopes his photos say or don’t say. Interview + Some of Aaron's work Here 


Podcast: Through My Lens With Clay Daily: "Stay Creative & Open"

From My Exhibition "Without Context"

I was honored to have an exhibition of my work here in Madrid in December 2019 titled "Without Context"

Without Context is an exhibition about expectation. We give an image our attention, we expect answers for our gaze. Advertisers and algorithms have perfected this form of commerce and the more satisfying the answers, the more satiated yet, addicted we become. I prefer questions instead of answers. I prefer feelings instead of responses and I prefer “hmmm” instead of “ahah!”

Images start a conversation, but you have to see the shapes and the lines and you have to ask the questions. There are no answers, only humans, physicality, emotion and shape. We are the context, not the image.

We imagine that a true portrait captures someone’s soul or tells the truth…but I think a good portrait asks a good question and reveals a part of ourselves.

You can purchase selected prints from the exhibition here on my website.

“That’s what the world is, after all: an endless battle of contrasting memories.” 

-Haruki Murakami

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