Executive Team Portraits In Madrid - Mars Petcare

Executive Team Portraits In Madrid - Mars Petcare

Professional headshots are a must for today's global executive teams.  The public relations team for Mars Petcare reached out to me to set up a photoshoot for headshots and corporate portraits for their leadership team during their annual global retreat in Madrid.  

Several of the members were being asked for updated headshots and portraits for various interviews and speaking opportunities both externally and internally,  so we created 2 portrait looks and a headshot look for each of their 9 leadership team members at their hotel in less than 3 hours.  

These three looks give them a variety of photos with different personalities to be able to give the right emphasis for each opportunity.  Executives need a variety of looks to pull from ranging from professional and approachable, to bold and successful with some dramatic flair and personality to give an extra confidence and sense of sophistication.  

For a team at this level time was important and create great portraits quickly was the assignment.  We had 10-15 minutes per team member and they wanted as many options as possible.  

My team brought in stylist, Edith Chan,  and makeup artists to work directly with the team the morning of the shoot to make sure that everyone got a look that they loved.  

We scouted the location ahead of time to get lighting and room sizes confirmed, worked with the hotel to guarantee easy access for the crew and our gear the morning of the shoot.  On the day of the photo session we set up three stations and worked with each executive at each station to maximize time and consistency.  

My team and I work hard to get natural, approachable headshots from each person, which isn't easy in such a short timeframe.  I have a lot of practice and training which gives me the skill and confidence to get natural looking portraits and most will admit that they actually had fun in the process!

The clients were happy and the photos came out great.  I can't wait to do it again!  I love these fast-paced days. 


 Corporate Portraits On Location

If your company is traveling to Madrid and want to use the time with your team to capture great updated headshots and corporate portraits on location, my team and I can work with you to get great updated headshots, while everyone is together and more relaxed than during their usual day to day schedules.  

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