Headshot Session: Eric

Headshot Session: Eric

Updated headshots are a great way to remind your professional network of who you are and make them aware of your value! Updated headshots communicate to your boss, coworkers, clients or potential employers that you are thoughtful and thorough.  New photos are something we all think about doing, but we put off scheduling them or simply leave them at the bottom of our todo list.  By being proactive and managing your online presence you remind your network of who you are and that you are professional.

Eric Headshot Grey Background 1

Eric recently finished a new certification and wanted to update his online profiles with his new qualifications and a new photo that showed his friendliness, approachability, and teamwork.  He came in for about 35 minutes and we created some great shots for his new profiles.

We shot two different shirts and dark and light backgrounds to give him some options for his various social media profiles.

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Eric Headshot Light Background

Eric Headshot Medium Brackround

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