New Marketing Photos for School Website

New Marketing Photos for School Website
Nowhere is trust and clear communication more important than in schools.  Prospective parents analyze every part of school before choosing to entrusting their child's education to a them.  Yet, so many school websites are so poorly laid out and the imagery is often "snapped" haphazardly by parents and staff without an effort to share the story of the school in a way that parents will understand and identify with.  
They're not alone, it's the case for many businesses.  We don't take the time to create images that tell our story.  Behind the scenes and candid images are great as part of the strategy, but a cohesive set of professional images are an important part of the strategy. We often take what we do for granted and it starts to feel repetitive, but repetitive translates to consistent for those that aren't in our business every day.  That's why have someone outside of your business to help you tell that story can be very powerful. 
We had the opportunity to help this school tell their story about the things that set their school apart.  With so many school choices, we wanted to help them define their value and visually demonstrate what it feels like being a student at their school.  Plus, many of us don't have a personal experience with a Montessori school so visually creating that experience was important.  
After speaking to the administrators and discussing the goals and marketing needs.  We set out to tell the story of a school that shows the development and progress of the students from their first days in kindergarten to thier time in the new adolescents program.  Additionally, we wanted to tell the story of the unique activities that they experience during their school days. 
In the end we created a well rounded archive of photos for them to use for their website and all of their marketing needs. 
 Marketing Images For School Aikido
Young girl writing on the alphabet
Children working with Clay
Children working at school
Children at school using a microscope
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- Aaron