Portrait, Headshot & Lifestyle - Which Is Right For You?

Portrait, Headshot & Lifestyle - Which Is Right For You?

It sounds like a lot of confusion, do I want a Headshot, a portrait or a lifestyle session..., but the explanation is actually pretty simple.  


A portrait session is primarily shot in my studio and we are focused on you and we work to create images that capture your spirit and imagination.  They are usually stylized and edited for creativity and beauty.  Here are some examples of portraits sessions:


Woman seated in photo studio with hat and camera in black and white



Headshots are a specific style of professional image, the headshot is shot in the studio and is generally top of the shoulders and head.  If we show more body than that and it becomes a portrait instead of a headshot.  Headshots are lit for beauty and subtlety and while there is creativity involved, it's usually much more about presenting you in a professional manner based on your profession.    Therefore the keys to great headshots are lighting and expression, which I coach you on the day of the session.  Here are some examples of headshots:




Lifestyle is more along the lines of a family session, or vacation and advertising type images.  They are generally half body to full body and they are heavily influenced by the environment.  In this case, we use the city as a larger part of the image than a portrait or headshot.  

You can book me for this type of work through The New Antiquarians where we shoot lifestyle sessions for families, vacations, special moments, engagements and lately for high-quality images that my clients want to use on their dating websites. Here are some examples of lifestyle sessions:



Easier than it sounds right?  If you're interested in learning more about the details of these sessions you can visit my services page to learn about the details and pricing, or you can send me an email or DM me on Instagram!

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