The Right Brand Photos For Your Business!

The Right Brand Photos For Your Business!

Every business is different and the name of the game in business success is standing out from your competition.  The best way to standout?  With great branding or lifestyle photos. 

Nearly every single business transaction begins with an image, via LinkedIn, Instagram, Google or your website... your client is looking to connect with you and you need to build trust quickly.  What will they see when they find you?

Hopefully, you took the time to invest and craft images that will give your clients a sense of what it's like to work with you and that the photos are first and foremost, well crafted, but second, that they are personal!

If you don't want "cafe / latte images" or "me sitting at a laptop again" images, let's get something personal to you!

Ryan is a great example.  He is an online marketing expert who has an incredible energy and an ability to connect with hid clients by making complex ideas simple for businesses to implement.  

What's important to Ryan?

  1. Trust - The person they hire will be in the most intimate parts of their business and they need to be a trustworthy
  2. Approachable - If we are going to spend months working with someone, we want that to be a fun experience, nobody wants to be stuck workign with someone they don't connect with.
  3. Expertise - This is an investment, you have to know quickly that this is person who is an expert and can deliver on their promises. 

Ryan had a great opportunity to be a panelist at a large conference in Madrid and he used this opportunity to hire me to take photos and video of him at the event to see him in action connecting with real people and demonstrating his expertise and leadership.


This is where it's important to hire a great photographer who can work with the crazy limitations of shooting at a conference where you have no control over the environment, your client and most importantly, conference lighting is almost always horrible to work with.  

You have to work with overhead lights, mix of colored LED and florescent lights, dark areas and other staff photographer and media competing for the same space and shots!  This is a beginning photographers nightmare and takes a lot of problem solving and quick thinking!

In addition to photos here's a short video we created with Ryan as a part of his marketing plan to follow up with the contacts he made at the conference. 

Do you need to update your brand photos or get professional photos for you new brand or business?  Lets Chat.